November 4-11


The Concept

Foodathlon is a project realized within a celebratory period, right before and during the Authentic Marathon race of Athens.

Its aim is to create a series of food & wellness events using Marathon as a point of reference. The series include athletic and gastronomic experiences for runners, foodies, locals and visitors.

living in action

The Experiences

  • Special menus in selected restaurants for runners, named after Marathon’s different courses (5k, 10k, 42k).
  • Exclusive pop-up gastronomic events and ci­ty routes for foodies.
  • Fitness events, such as training sessions with running concierges, cycling with wooden bikes and yoga lessons.
  • Wellness sessions, including special nutrition/diet programs and post-workout recovery treatments (massage and spa).
  • Thematic workshops, seminars, food tours and cooking lessons.

The team

Three startups joining forces in order to achieve a unique project:

  • Truevoyagers – active in experiential tourism
  • Healthyclub – with an expertise in nutrition
  • Sustainable Food Movement in Greece – promoting Sustainable Gastronomy

Our Mission

We use mega-spor­t events, such as the Authentic Athens Marathon, as a point of reference and we create a wide range of experiences especially designed for this event. The offered activities focus on the basic pillars of well-being: fitness, nutrition, wellness and sustainability.

As fitness is directly linked to nutrition, the sporting events provide us with the space and time to highlight the gastronomic scene of the hosting country and its rich culinary culture. Through our foodways, locals and visitors taste dishes made of fresh seasonal ingredients while having fun. At the end of the event, they will have managed to understand how sustainability works, making steps into a “marathon” towards an ethical and eco-friendly consumerism.

living in action

Our vision

Sporting events bring people together and offer an invaluable platform to showcase the benefits of athletism, nutrition, and sustainability. Our aim is to highlight the importance of these events and make them available to a broader audience; people who might not participate in the event, but can benefit from the accompanying exclusive activities.

With the Authentic Marathon being our first stop in this journey, we aim to expand our project to many more events taking place in Greece and abroad.